Works In Progress

Works In Progress

OCAAT Book One is done. Yea!! It will be available soon, the next few weeks or so, and guess what. I’m giving it away for free! Yea Me!!

OCAAT Book Two will be with you shortly, but in between OCAAT’s One and Two,  is the first story from the Noble Family Adventures, Resort and Spa Series. Yes,  I know it’s a mouthful, but it is what it is, lol.

The Noble Family is my first and probably the only series I’ll do, or not, who knows. I like creating new and different stories, and with the Noble’s and their resort, I’m able to do that, I hope, we’ll see. If I am, I might keep it going. Anyway, I’ve wanted to tell these stories for a while now, so yea me again for getting to them, finally.

Nakia and Caleb’s story “Life In The Weeds” is the title of the first of four or five time-travel stories. I’ll put the first chapter up later on this summer. I’m almost done with it. The fastest I’ve written a story. Ever, and that gives me hope that I’ll start writing them a lot more quickly. 

Anyway. That’s it for the update and as always, thanks for your continued support.

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