In The Weeds, Chapter ONE

Chapter ONE   Walker Noble, sat alone behind his desk, staring out of the window at the city, wishing he could go back to the beginning of his life and start again. Back to the womb and out once more, and doing things differently. Okay, maybe not everything would he change. He was pleased with …read more

OCAAT is Available for sale

OCAAT is now available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. Hope you enjoy and as always, thanks for your support.

OCAAT-The start of Chapter 4

  Chapter 4 Saturday morning The corner of Hardwood Street and Pecan Avenue was the closest Sydney could get to Graham’s neighborhood by bus. Hardwood Street ran perpendicular to Pecan Avenue, which was the street that was mostly a hill that led directly to the gates that led directly into the subdivisions that was the …read more

OCAAT Chapter 3

Chapter 3 September, two weeks later Woodland Hills High School, known unofficially as The Hills, neighborhood school to the kids of the super affluent, filled to the gills with Asians and Indians from India—not the Native American kind that’d gotten stuck on those reservations; no, this was the escuela for parents who knew the American …read more